About Us

Welcome to 3 Design

3DesigN started as a curiosity or more like a hobby as I was interested in creating unique products.In 2019 I started to look into how 3D printers work and how I can use them to create these designs.I have found out that there is an infinite of possibilities of what you can create using 3D technology.Testing and improving myself continuosly,I am now able to create complex and ingenious designs.From lighted up pictures,pen holders,furniture accesories,figurines,house decorations to keyrings and many more.It is important to add that you can choose from our range of products which are listed or you can choose to create your own design model.If you are reading this it means you are not only looking at somebody else’s idea but you want to give life to your own ones. We are not only interested in satisfying our customers but also thrilled for every order they receive from us.This is why we are open to sugestions,always investing in the quality of each product and we bare in mind our customers feedbacks.You will be convinced that 3DesigN is not only a business but a way of bringing your imagination and memories to life.